Guild asks for time to review commission changes

The Guild asked the company this week to delay new commission plans on ad sales staff until the Commission Committee can review them and make recommendations as is required.

In 1993, the union and company reached an agreement to create the Commission Committee. Commissions are mandatory subjects of contract bargaining, but both parties recognized it would be burdensome to negotiate every commission plan during contract talks.

The Commission Committee was then created to give members input into the plans. Over the years, the company would come forward with a plan, members would review it and make recommendations, and some of those changes would be accepted and others would not.

The Guild is in the midst of revamping the committee. Longtime chairperson Christine Wright has decided to take a break from the role in which she served so well for many years. Lindsay LaFountain has stepped up to take the role as the committee’s leader. Rick Barber has also volunteered to serve on the committee, and we are seeking others to help as well.

If you have an interest in serving on the committee, or would simply like more information, contact Lindsay, call the Guild office at 482-9218 or e-mail the union at

The committee intends to do what our agreement requires. (You can find the agreement, which remains in effect, on Page 75 of the last contract.) It states that the committee will review any changes to commission plans and make recommendations. Commission plans should not be imposed before the committee has a chance to review them, consult with colleagues and make those recommendations.

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