Company proposes new ad sales position

The Times Union proposed the creation of a new position in retail advertising that would sell search engine optimization to clients. The company intends to hire at least 10 people to start and hopes to add other positions.

The company proposed the title of “Digital Outside Salesperson October 2010.

The job duties were described as “sell the Times Union Media Services portfolio of digital products and services to businesses in our region. Prospect for new clients, develop proposals and make presentations, and close sales on a consistent basis to maximize advertising revenue.”

The pay scale proposed would be similar to what outside salespeople are paid in Class D, except the company proposes to stop the scale at what is year 3 for the new positions.

In other words, the weekly pay would be: $623.76 weekly during year 1, $698.37 weekly during year 2, and $783.19 weekly during year 3 and thereafter. (Class D goes on to pay $867.99 in year 4 and $960.53 thereafter.)

The position would come with 12 percent commission on new sales and 8 percent on renewal sales.

Publisher George Hearst said he proposes stopping the pay scale earlier than for outside salespersons because the search engine sales would not require as much time spent with each client (such as shuttling ad proofs to the client and then seeking the changes they want).

“We’re certainly glad to see the Times Union wanting to add jobs, and we’d be delighted if the company found a steady new source of revenue for the newspaper,” Guild President Tim O’Brien said. “Before we agree to anything, of course, we need to get input from the existing retail staff in case they have any suggestions or questions.”

O’Brien reached out Tuesday to some of the advertising sales staff. The company is willing to meet and discuss the issue further. Anyone who is interested in sitting down with company leaders and discussing the proposal, or who has questions, can contact Tim at the Guild office by e-mail at or by cell phone at 466-8700

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