Ray Pitlyk steps down as chief steward

After many years of dedicated service to the Guild, Ray Pitlyk has decided to stop down from his role as chief steward.

“Ray has been invaluable. He has worked very hard and helped many, many members over the years, often during the most difficult moments of their working lives,” Guild President Tim O’Brien said. “The Executive Board respects his service¬† and dedication.”

The position is an elected one. The Guild plans to schedule a membership meeting, likely in April, for a vote to replace that position and a vice presidential seat left vacant when Sarah Diodato was promoted to an exempt job.

The Executive Board already has discussed revamping the grievance process to lessen the workload on any one person. The Guild will appoint a grievance committee, which the newly elected chief steward will chair. Working with the chief steward, the committee will examine issues as they arise and make recommendations to the board as to whether a grievance or other legal action should be taken.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a steward, or in serving on the grievance committee, contact Executive Board members Tim O’Brien, Mark Hempstead, Dan Roesser, Lindsay LaFountain or John DeMania.

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