Ad art, marketing and refusing to bargain over parking

The Guild met Friday with the Company to discuss two issues: the merger of advertising art and marketing operations and the Company’s illegally imposed parking rule changes.

The Guild had questions about the recent merger of the two subdepartments, especially since advertising artists are paid in Class C while marketing media specialists are paid in Class B. The Guild has written a letter which will go out to these workers Wednesday. You can read it here.

As for the parking issue, Publisher George Hearst angrily said the matter is not a mandatory subject of bargaining. If given a proposal by the Guild, he said he’d be under no obligation to consider it or to negotiate. While we had discussed making a proposal, we will not do so unless and until the Company acknowledges it has a legal obligation to negotiate.

It’s not legal, of course, for the Company to impose new rules that could result in your car being towed or you being hit up for a replacement fee without negotiation. We were willing to bargain what should be a simple issue. It’s unfortunate, but the issue will have to go to the National Labor Relations Board.

In the meantime, we recommend putting your tag on the rearview mirror while the case is heard. That does not mean the Guild has agreed to the policy. And if any employee has his or her car towed in the interim, we will argue the Company should pay for it and for any damages to the vehicle.

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