New parking rules another legal violation

Imagine you’re an ad salesperson, about to drive to meet with a client and seal a deal that could earn the Times Union hundreds of thousands of dollars. You walk out into the parking lot, all excited about the great work you’ve done, only to discover….the Company has towed your car.

Or you’re a reporter assigned to a breaking news story. You’re working overtime, but no one told the security guard. You emerge after a long night after breaking an exclusive story for the newspaper that will be on Page One. Your reward is that your car is gone, and the Company expects you to pay for it.

Once again, the Times Union has violated the law. The new parking rules are a change in working conditions and a mandatory subject of bargaining. But no, as usual, the Company did not come to the union and seek to discuss it. A letter informing the Company to cease and desist has been sent. We’ve informed the Times Union that should anyone’s car be towed under this illegally imposed policy, the Times Union will be liable for the towing fees and any damages to your vehicle.

A charge is also being filed with the National Labor Relations Board over this latest failure to negotiate.



  • disgusted

    I don’t get this at all. I don’t understand the need for parking regulations, especially now that we have fewer workers. Also, how can we be expected to say what hours we will be in the lot? What if our shift is changed for a day?

    Also, I hope the Guild continues to seek relief from the courts and/or the NLRB every time the company moves a quarter of an inch from the law. I think a lot of us have had it with their arrogance.

  • Guild Fan

    I don’t understand, why are they towing cars? Isn’t it the employees’ parking lot? Did I miss something here? Are they afraid some people will SNEAK INTO THE LOT to go to the library, or to grab a Burrito at Moe’s? Or have a union rally or something????? What is next? Frankly, I don’t think I wanna know. Thanks to the Guild for keeping us up on what is going on down there, and Tim, ya might want to see if this shipwreck qualifies as a NEW REALITY TV SHOW!

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