TU wins ‘best media meltdown’

In its annual Best of Edition, Metroland named the Times Union’s horrific treatment of its employees as the “best media meltdown.”

The Capital Region’s finest alternative weekly excoriates the Times Union for its  recent behavior. Metroland states that the Guild has “waged an admirable campaign to retain local jobs and editorial credibility.” It also says the newspaper’s bosses have been “employing heavy-handed negotiations to advance its demonstrably bad agenda.”

(The alt weekly also praises the TU’s blogs, but does not mention that many of its participants have stopped blogging in support of the Guild, with some like Corey Ellis and Shawn Morris stating their support and others like Jerry Jennings and Neil Kelleher simply stopping all posts until we get a fair contract. Metroland does single out Brendan Lyons as outstanding reporter, and we heartily agree.)

Metroland laments it appears Hearst is winning the battle over the newspaper’s future and its editors shudder to think what the newspaper will look like when the dust settles. To which we kindly reply: Don’t count ol’ BB out, friends. As you will soon see, this fight isn’t near over.


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