Company forces overtime at regular pay rates

When the Company imposed an impasse (illegally, we might add) it didn’t just post the most controversial proposals on outsourcing and layoffs. There are other changes it is trying to force on us as well.

For example, some employees have been told to work past 37.5 hours but that they would not get paid overtime until they hit 40 hours. (They would get paid at normal rates instead.) The Guild did not agree to this contractual change and will be legally challenging it.

So what do you do if your boss tells you to work overtime but not to put down for it? First, obey the directive. You can be found insubordinate for refusing to follow orders even if the order itself was later found to be illegal. (Exceptions are rarely made and usually if the employee fears for his or her health or safety.)

Second, keep track of it. Save a record. Because if we are successful in our legal appeals, the Company will be ordered to pay back everyone whose overtime it denied.


  • Catherwood

    It’s almost funny to remember that a few years back, the company tried to convince a few people to write essays about the TU for some “Best Place to Work in the Capital Region.” While they weren’t too successful then, I can just imagine the reaction if they asked people now.

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