Albany Guild elects two new board members

The members of the Newspaper Guild elected two new leaders to the Executive Board.

Dan Roesser, an employee in the marketing/specialty publications subdepartment, stepped up to the position of treasurer. Hired by the Times Union in 2006, Dan joined the board last year as a vice president. He agreed to fill the treasurer’s position vacated by Renee Iannone, who took a buyout. The Guild is extremely grateful to Renee for her years of service to the union and its members. She continued to help the union through a transition to a new treasurer during a particularly challenging time.

Replacing Roesser as second vice president is Sarah Diodato of the Web desk. Sarah joined the Times Union in 2004. She is the main contributor to the Savings Source blog, and she recently earned her master’s degree in human-computer interaction from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. For the past two years, she has been the Guild’s Webmaster. As anyone who has viewed the Web site knows, she’s done a terrific job, enabling us to post a blog, videos, an online contract survey and an online historical quiz.

In nominating Sarah at Sunday’s membership meeting, Guild member and past president Ken Crowe noted that both she and Dan represent a new generation of Guild leadership and reflect the union’s deep commitment to being part of the Internet-based future of the news business. Both candidates were elected unanimously by voice vote.

“We are grateful to both Dan and Sarah for stepping up to these roles in a challenging time,” Guild President Tim O’Brien said. “They both bring a fresh, young perspective to the board that we very much appreciate.”

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