Labor rallies in support of Guild

As our members prepare to vote on the Company’s proposal, union members gathered outside the Times Union Thursday for a show of solid support.

Some 75 union members rallied outside the newspaper holding signs, cheering and attracting supportive honks from passing motorists. They came from a wide assortment of unions including NYSUT, UUP, PEF, CSEA, the Steelworkers, the Amlgamated Transit Union, the Teamsters, and other units of CWA.

Highly regarded defense attorney Steve Coffey came to the rally after talking about the  Guild’s battle for a fair contract Thursday morning on Paul Vandenburgh’s radio show on Talk 1300. Coffey said he was disturbed that the Times Union would seek to lay off employees who had been at the paper 20, 30 or 40 years like Carol DeMare. He also said the newspaper should not be seeking a blank check to outsource work.

Also attending were Assemblyman Robert Reilly and County Legislators Douglas Bullock and Bryan M. Clenahan.

“When you work inside the concrete bunker that is the Times Union building, you often don’t realize what tremendous support we have in the Capital Region,” said Guild President Tim O’Brien. “The Times Union’s efforts to outsource our jobs and eliminate seniority have galvinized community attention. They recognize the damage that would have on the newspaper, its advertisers and our readers. We are appreciative to all who came out today and to our members who joined us.”

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