Even more government support for the Guild

Yet another local governmental body has voted to support the Albany Newspaper Guild and to condemn the recent actions of the company.

On Tuesday night, the Schenectady County Legislature voted 13-to-1 with one abstention to support the Guild in its battle with the Times Union for a new contract.

“The Schenectady County Legislature supports the efforts of the Newspaper Guild of Albany to keep experienced and loyal employees at work, to retain jobs in the Capital District, and this Governing body opposes the actions of the Albany Times Union to cancel the union contract,” the resolution states.

The legislature’s bipartisan vote drew passionate favorable comments from both side of the political aisle.

“People in Schenectady have seen the damage outsourcing can do,” said Republican Minority Leader Robert T. Farley. “We need to support workers trying to retain jobs.”

Schenectady County is the home to General Electric, which has outsourced much of its manufacturing jobs.

Local newspapers are supposed to employ local people said Democratic Majority Leader Vincent M. DiCerbo.

The Guild mobilizing committee is extremely grateful for all the support we’ve seen from so many members of the Capital Region community and we hope the company will come to see how important local jobs are to the health of the newspaper.

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