Albany County legislators back Guild

Albany County legislators are backing the members of the Newspaper Guild of Albany in their fight for a fair contract at the Times Union.

The legislators have sent letters to Publisher George Hearst expressing their outrage at the canceling of the union’s contract. You can read one of the letters, from legislator and PEF member Doug Bullock, here.

Others who have sent similar letters include Lucille McKnight, Gary Domalewicz, Donald Rahm, Phil Steck, Ray Joyce, Norma Chapman, Virginia Maffia-Tobler, Bill Aylward, Tim Nichols, Bryan Clenahan, Shawn Morse, Frank Commisso, Patrick Timmins, Ryan Horstmeyer, Chris Higgins, and David Mayo.

Their action comes after the Albany Common Council passed a resolution in support of the Guild by a vote of 14-0. The public is really starting to notice as more and more calls come into the Guild every day offering support. The Guild is extremely grateful for all the public expressions of solidarity.


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