Hearst: Only I know what jobs will be cut

Guild members who handle recruitment ads were told by a manager that their positions would be safe, while other employees who handle circulation calls were told some of their jobs would be cut.

This comes at the same time the Guild has expressed frustration at the bargaining table at the lack of specifics on layoffs, and the Company’s bargainers have insisted they have no information on any plans. That information is vital as members decide whether to apply for buyouts.

As the bargaining committee stepped off the elevator for the day, Publisher George Hearst was waiting to cost the Company another 15 cents by riding back up. (You all got that e-mail about how much an elevator ride costs, right?)

The Guild bargaining team (including International Rep. Jim Schaufenbil) then asked the publisher what light he could shed on the conflicting stories.

Hearst insisted that he and only he knows what any plans are and “they are not cooked.” And even though recruitment advertising employees were told by a manager that Mark Aldam had said their jobs were safe, Hearst said anyone saying such a thing is a rogue operator.

We know. That doesn”t clarify anything or help anyone make a decision. We just thought you ought to know.

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