Meetup at Maxie’s to give input

Do you have questions for the Guild’s bargaining committee? Suggestions of what we could be doing better or differently?
With the severity and complexity of the current situation, we want to make sure we are aware of the viewpoints and feelings of all our

Please come to Maxie’s, just around the corner on Wolf Road between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Friday.  This isn’t a meeting, just an informal get-together where you can approach your member leaders and let them know what you think of their strategies.


  • My input

    It’s hard to evaluate the company’s demands without knowing the specifics of what else the guild has offered. I’m in no way saying I’m in love with this idea, and I’m sure it won’t be popular, but my thinking is this: They want to outsource work to Houston because people in Houston are cheaper. Well, how much cheaper? Ten percent cheaper? Fifteen percent? Is there any way that we can compete to make ad design and page design affordable enough for the company to want to keep it here? If we offered a bigger pay cut, could we keep our contract and not have such huge layoffs? Isn’t being paid less better than not being paid at all (unemployment)? Because, let’s face it, most of us aren’t going to find other jobs that pay us what we make now anyway.

    • albanyguild

      Good questions. We offered a 5 percent across the board pay cut and were frankly willing to discuss going further. The Company said it opposed the idea of any pay cuts and would not entertain the discussion. We also shared in an earlier bulletin that we proposed language that says: If the Company wants to outsource work, it would come to the Guild and do precisely what you suggest. Tell us how much the outsourcing would save and give us a chance to match it.

      And the Guild, remember, started collecting names of volunteers willing to take a buyout. The Company was satisfied with just laying people off. So far, it looks like we may have close to 20 names. Some people are still mulling it, though our intent is to share the names and numbers with the Company and our members on Friday.

      Thanks for the constructive thoughts!

  • Fed Up!

    Wellllll – lookee here! There is a pulse in advertising after all. It’s nice to see you could take some time and show an interest in what is going on here.

    You folks have all just made the union’s point better than Tim or anyone else could have explained it:


    THAT, my brothers and sisters, is the point.

    While it is unfortunate that you may lose a few bucks, a bigger picture is playing out here. This company is trying to break this union. Why should you care about that?

    Take a look around and think about all of the people you used to work with who, at a certain age, were strongly encouraged to “retire”. That will be you one day. Or maybe they’ll just ride you with one of their most infamous torture devices – the 90 day plan! Because they really motivate salespeople you know!

    The company does not care about you – they will chew you up and spit you out and replace you with someone who will work for half of what you did. Someone who will not get more than a week of vacation, won’t get a pension, maybe they’ll get mileage or cell maybe not. Your replacement will be commission only, and they’l be paying 50% of their healthcare premium with a big, fat deductable on top of that. Oh, and when they are done with your replacement they surely won’t be getting a severence.

    I know you can’t want that. Come on you guys, we need you in this effort. No one is doing this out of enjoyment. Our livelihoods and futures are at stake.

  • Fed Up

    I guess this means that more than one person is fed up with the company’s refusal to bargain in good faith and its callous disrespect for its work force.

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