Congratulations to our new publisher

The Guild extends its congratulations to George Hearst on his promotion to publisher of the Times Union.

George is known for being affable and approachable, and he knows many, if not most, of the employees on a first-name basis.

He also is well-known for his involvement in the community.

Yes, he’s been the Company’s chief negotiator during these exceedingly difficult contract talks but we are cautiously optimistic he will set a fresh tone now that he is publisher. We look forward to working with George as a partner in keeping the Times Union a vital part of the community for many years to come.


  • Ken Crowe

    Congratulations, George!!!!

    George has always taken an interest in his co-workers at the Times Union. He’s always understood the paper is more than what’s printed. It’s soul and heart can be found in all of working to get it out every day.

    We all work together, management and union members, to produce the Times Union.

    I hope George will work with us to get a signed contract that respects all our efforts.

  • employee

    Wow, we’re all so optimistic now, aren’t we? The fact that he says hello in the hallway “minimizes” his conduct during the past half year plus of contract negotiations? And is the closing of the Troy bureau his first act as publisher?

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