Guild leaders support Albany bargainers

Delegates to a regional meeting of the Newspaper Guild/CWA expressed support for our local during its contract negotiations with the Times Union. More than 20 members of the Southern and MidAtlantic District councils met at the Best Western Albany Airport Saturday, with the session continuing Sunday morning.

Delegates came from Memphis; Lexington, Kentucky; Baltimore-Washington; New York City; Philadelphia; the News Media Guild and Puerto Rico. International President Bernie Lunzer, International Secretary-Treasurer Carol Rothman and International Chair Connie Knox all attended.

They discussed the state of the industry and the treatment of advertising employees as well as sharing ideas on how to build stronger locals in difficult economic times.


  • Vernon Clark

    The members of the Philadelphia Newspaper Guild supports the efforts of our brothers and sisters at the Albany Times Union in the pursuit of a fair and equitable contract.
    In solidarity,
    Vernon Clark

  • Carol Rothman

    Members from Guild locals in the Middle Atlantic and Southern regions, along with international officers and staff, met in Albany this weekend to exchange information and offer our support to the Times Union bargaining committee. I am astounded at the disparate treatment of the advertising committee member. How can a salesperson be expected to attain sales goals while devoting time to negotiating the contract?

  • Mark Pattison

    I’m someone who makes a living with words, but words failed me when I heard of some of the patently awful takeaways being proposed by Albany Tines-Union management. Support and solidarity with the Newspaper Guild in Albany is essential — and, for me, a no-brainer.

    Mark Pattison

  • Sheila Lindsay

    Greetings to the members of the Albany Guild. Stand united as you sit at the table with management to bargain fairly and equitably for your employment rights and job security. Health care is essential for all employees and a good healthcare plan means quality care of all employees.

    United we Stand and Divided we Fail!

    In Solidarity,

    Sheila Lindsay

  • Marilyn Kennedy

    From The Memphis Newspaper Guild continue to stand strong because in the Guild – “United We Stand – Divided We Fall” and we will continue to stand with you, for you and behind you but you will stand Tall. Hold On a change is coming.

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