Is that person really a manager?

Bargaining resumed Monday for the first time in more than three weeks.

The Company finally produced a list of existing exempt titles. While you might think that would be easy to track, the Company adds and changes titles so often it can be hard to know who does what. When the Company started the day saying their list was “99.9 percent complete,” Guild leaders asked if it included changes announced in a Sept. 19 e-mail in advertising. That caused the Company to go into a caucus for more than an hour.

When they emerged, they produced a list that included 31 exempt titles that are not in the current contract and 20 exempt positions that are vacant. Guild bargainers asked to be provided with departmental flow charts that show how many people each supervisor oversees. In a workplace where there is a ratio of one manager for every two workers, the union intends to address those positions that are listed as exempt but are in fact doing union work.

Do you know of any exempt supervisors you think should be re-classified as Guild-covered employees? If so, let us know by phone at 482-9218 or by e-mail at

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