The poop on the Scoop

The newspaper launched a very nice revamp of its internal newsletter, renamed the Inside Scoop. We especially loved the photo of our four expectant mothers in editorial.
There was an item we weren’t so crazy about:

“A compensation review committee will evaluate all of our options to lower payroll costs next year without significantly impacting service and quality. The group will consider all aspects of base compensation, wage escalators, merit increases and bonus plan designs. Plan to be implemented in fall 2008.”

The Company was swiftly informed that this message is false. Oh, a committee may be meeting all right. It might even be chatting about these issues. But these are all mandatory subjects of bargaining. The Company cannot implement anything unless it is negotiated with the Guild and — here’s the truly great part — ratified by the membership.

That’s right. You get to decide what changes can be made to base pay, wage escalators, merit raises and bonuses. It’s your right. And no (insert favorite cuss word here) “compensation review committee” is going to take that right away from you.


  • John Runfola

    We have a Guild contract. It sets terms and condions of employment. It sets minimum pay for each job category. Period. Guild members are protected, by the contract, against pay cuts.

  • Mike Jarboe

    This is baloney. What don’t they understand about our protections under the contract?
    This is exactly why we have a union.

    The company can’t just implement any changes it wants. They can waste all the time they want in committees, but they aren’t “implementing” a damned thing until they bargain it with US…the UNION.

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