22 and counting pursuing the buyout

As of Friday, 22 people had applied for the buyout. The Company has now enhanced the offer, giving three years’ health insurance to employees with 25 or more years with the Company.

Publisher Mark Aldam told the Guild on Friday that he heard from several members who wanted to apply but had existing health conditions and feared they could not get insurance or who just could not afford to pay for health care until they became eligible for Medicare.

With the added incentive, the Company should be able to reach its goal of 30 employees taking the buyout. Naturally, the Guild is opposed to involuntary layoffs.

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  • Dan Higgins

    The moment you get more hard numbers, please share them with us. Lots of rumors sweeping around the newsroom — even though we’re trained to be professionally skeptical of rumors. I don’t want to repeat them here in an effort to tamp them down, but thanks for keeping us posted.

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