Finally, we get asked for a date (updated)

Oh, sure. I had just finished a blog post complaining that the Company had not responded to our May 9 request to begin bargaining. We’d offered dates the week of June 9. Despite repeated e-mails and conversations, we had not received a response by June 2.

Of course, before the blog item was ever posted, the Company called that very day to ask about dates the week of June 23. (It might have had something to do with the fact I finally threw a fit, pointing out I didn’t delay answering when asked to negotiate buyouts or discuss a newsroom reorganization.)

Now of course, I am asking my colleagues on the bargaining committee, and International Representative Jim Schaufenbil, if they are available on those dates. We have accepted those dates. Summer time is always a challenge for getting everyone together, which is why we had hoped to start a little earlier. Sigh.

As soon as we have a day set, I’ll let you know.


  • albanyguild

    We will indeed share all the bulletins, as well as copies of documents like our proposals. Thanks, Joyce.

  • Guild Supporter

    Guild Team:
    Hang in there as negotiations start. You are carrying the hopes and dreams of hundreds of families as you start talks to represent us. No givebacks, a pension contribution increase and job security should be your watchwords. Managers should not be displacing Guild workers. Is it good business sense to pay a manager a big premium when a Guild worker can do the same job for far less money and better?

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