Your Contract

Your Contract

  • Ensures you will not be transferred without your consent and you will be paid for travel expenses.
  • Allows you to take time to care for family members.
  • Guarantees your right to a say in layoffs and outsourcing of your work.
  • Protects your pension and health insurance benefits.

For detailed information, read the full contract. (MS Word document)

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Annual Membership Meeting

time: 12:30 pm
date: Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014
location: Colonie Town Library

The Guild will hold its annual membership meeting Thursday, November 6 at the library. This year, two vacant seats on the Executive Board need to be filled, and nominations will be made at the meeting or can be done via petition. We will also discuss health care for 2015 and our new mobilizing efforts on the lack of raises.


Election Information:

The vacant positions are: First and Third Vice Presidents. Terms will continue for two more years ending, December 31, 2016. 

Members must be in good standing to run for office and to attend the nomination meeting. If you want to check your standing, email the Guild office at

If there is only one nomination for any office, and the person accepts nomination, the person will be elected at the meeting. If there is more than one candidate for any office, a Local Elections Committee will be appointed and a mail-in ballot election will be held. 

Nominations for any office may be from the floor, by petition or in the form of a slate of candidates. Petitions may be for an individual candidate in which the name of the candidate, his/her Local unit (if applicable), and department worked listed. Such petitions must also contain the names of at least 25 members or 5 percent of the Local’s membership, whichever is greater. Individuals signing a petition must be members in good standing as of September 30 preceding the election. These petitions must be filed with the local Secretary at the membership meeting. The secretary shall notify all candidates of their nomination and shall receive from them a written notice of their willingness to serve.

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