Contract Survey

As part of renewed efforts to negotiate a potential new contract and end the wage freeze, which just marked its tenth year, the Guild wants to know what you think.

This short survey asks members what kind of issues would be most important to them in a new contract. The survey also optionally asks to provide an email point of contact, which would be used to advise members of news and events as the Guild ramps up its social activity.

CLICK HERE to fill out our survey

Please take the time to complete the survey. It will help provide the Guild negotiating team with insights into what members would like to see.

If you have any questions, ideas, or thoughts to share, please reach out to any of your Guild officers, which include President Brian Nearing (x5094); Chief Steward Rob Gavin (x5064), Vice Presidents Mandy Fries (x5353), Jeff Boyer (x5429); and Jennifer Rodd (x5597) Treasurer Marianne Mahr (x5589); and Secretary Mark Hempstead (x5675).