Membership Dues

Do dues still matter? What can the Guild do for me now?
Almost all of the provisions of the contract are still intact:

  • If the Company wants to lay anyone else off, it has to negotiate and pay severance.
  • The Company cannot split your days off, as it wanted to, or cut your pay, as it proposed.
  • It still has to provide you the vacation time you earn.

All of this is because you have a union.

If you’ve fallen behind on your dues, please pay them. They will continue to accrue and you’ll have to pay it all once there is a settlement. Besides, it’s unfair for some people to pay for the benefits we negotiate while others don’t.

Please send payments to:
Albany Newspaper Guild
Local 31034
890 Third Street
Albany, NY 12206

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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