Membership Dues

Do dues still matter? What can the Guild do for me now?
Almost all of the provisions of the contract are still intact:

  • If the Company wants to lay anyone else off, it has to negotiate and pay severance.
  • The Company cannot split your days off, as it wanted to, or cut your pay, as it proposed.
  • It still has to provide you the vacation time you earn.

All of this is because you have a union.

If you’ve fallen behind on your dues, please pay them. They will continue to accrue and you’ll have to pay it all once there is a settlement. Besides, it’s unfair for some people to pay for the benefits we negotiate while others don’t.

Please send payments to:
Albany Newspaper Guild
Local 31034
890 Third Street
Albany, NY 12206

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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We need your help for our Christmas card campaign!

Membership & Executive Board Meetings

time: 5:30–8 pm
date: Thursday, December 11, 2014
location: Labor Temple, 890 3rd St., Albany

In addition to our regularly scheduled monthly executive board meeting, there will be a vote on Sector Conference delegates. We will also be addressing envelopes for a Christmas card campaign.

There will be pizza, cookies and Christmas music for those attending.


Membership Meeting Agenda

  1. Vote on Delegates for CWA Sector Conference, January 15–18
  2. Christmas Card Campaign

Executive Board Agenda

  1. Approval of minutes
  2. Treasurer’s report
    • Monthly update
  3. Commission committee
  4. Communications committee
    • Newsletter
    • Website
  5. Mobilizing committee
    • Mobilizing Initiatives
  6. Grievances and arbitrations
  7. Contract negotiations
  8. Solidarity/support for other unions
  9. Old business
    • Fill vacant board seat
  10. New business
  11. Adjourn



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