Membership Dues

Do dues still matter? What can the Guild do for me now?
Almost all of the provisions of the contract are still intact:

  • If the Company wants to lay anyone else off, it has to negotiate and pay severance.
  • The Company cannot split your days off, as it wanted to, or cut your pay, as it proposed.
  • It still has to provide you the vacation time you earn.

All of this is because you have a union.

If you’ve fallen behind on your dues, please pay them. They will continue to accrue and you’ll have to pay it all once there is a settlement. Besides, it’s unfair for some people to pay for the benefits we negotiate while others don’t.

Please send payments to:
Albany Newspaper Guild
Local 31034
890 Third Street
Albany, NY 12206

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Recent Posts

Despite buyouts, Times Union lays off 3 employees

The Times Union laid off three workers Thursday: two Guild members and one exempt manager.

The decision came despite the fact that the Company appeared to meet its stated goals under a buyout program. The Company had said it wanted to cut the number of employees by 10 to 15, with the number depending on how highly paid the workers were.

Seven Guild members accepted the buyout offer, and four managers also left. The Company also had said it would count an exempt manager who left around the time of the buyouts, and a Guild-covered employee handling obituaries also left and was not replaced. A top newsroom manager also has announced she will be leaving for a new job.

“We are very disappointed to see three people involuntary discharged,” Guild President Tim O’Brien said. “This was a sad day for all employees.”

One of the Guild members let go was a 26-year employee known as an energetic and loyal worker in the advertising department, often seen shuttling between sales and advertising art.

The other was a worker with 12 years of experience, who started in the circulation department before being promoted to a position in the business office.

Both are highly regarded by their colleagues, and they were told the job cuts were due to fiscal issues and not their stellar performances.

Under the conditions imposed by the company in 2009, the language that required layoffs to be by reverse order of seniority within a department was changed to “by job title.” In some cases, as with the 26-year employee, there are positions held by a single person. This was not a change the Guild favored, but it was imposed on our members.

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