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The Newspaper Guild was formed by columnist Heywood Broun in 1933. The Newspaper Guild web site provides a brief history and timelineThe Albany Newspaper Guild, chartered on March 20, 1934, is the labor union representing about 200 employees of the Times Union, the largest daily newspaper covering Albany, N.Y., and the surrounding Capital Region.

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Guild Annual Membership Meeting and Vote on Proposed Bylaw Changes

The Newspaper Guild of Albany will hold its annual meeting at 12:30 p.m. Tuedsay, October 17, at the Colonie Public Library. There will also be votes on two proposed bylaw changes.

Amendment 1: Amendment Notification Requirements
Currently, any change to the bylaws requires all members to receive notice by mail at least 30 days’ prior to a vote of the exact language to be changed. We had sought an opinion from the international on whether we could send out postcards informing members of the vote and refer them online to the wording of the question. (We would provide written copies to anyone who did not have Internet access.) Ironically, we were told doing so would require an amendment of the bylaws. Therefore this amendment remedies that situation. The exact language changes are shown below.

Amendment 2: Officer Title Changes
This amendment would save the Guild money on workers’ compensation costs by merely changing the titles of two of the vice presidents to board member at large. The exact language changes are on the reverse of this flyer.

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