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The Newspaper Guild was formed by columnist Heywood Broun in 1933. The Newspaper Guild web site provides a brief history and timelineThe Albany Newspaper Guild, chartered on March 20, 1934, is the labor union representing about 200 employees of the Times Union, the largest daily newspaper covering Albany, N.Y., and the surrounding Capital Region.

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Guild Elects New Officers

Guild members elected Brian Nearing as the union local’s new President, Rob Gavin as Chief Steward, Amanda Fries as First Vice President, and Jeff Boyer as Second Vice President on the Guild’s Executive Board.

Nearing has been Chief Steward for seven years. Fries is the Albany County reporter and a new board member. Gavin is the courts reporter and a new board member. Boyer is a graphic artist who is returning to the board. The election fills vacancies left by the departures of board members Tim O’Brien, Cindy Schultz and Michael Huber.

Their elections occurred at the local’s annual membership meeting Wednesday at the Colonie Public Library.

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